Friday, 1 May 2015

Another busy week in Room 2

We have  made amazing silhouette pictures and written Anzac stories to go with them.
These stories are from the donkey's point of view.
The Donkey
Boom, boom, that hurt my ears. Eyore!   Eyore I love doing this job, it’s fun.
 Eyore! I saw lots and heaps of wounded  men.
Eyore, eyore I smell gunpowder.

The Donkey
I smelled the dusty, dirty long drop. Boom go the guns, it’s very bad.
I see lots of wounded people. I felt a very, very wounded person on my back.

The Donkey
That is loud. Boom! Boom!  It hurts my ears. I feel scared because that is loud.
What is that smell? It is very stinky. Oh no the soldiers are shooting. The NZ soldiers wear a helmet.

The Donkey
Boom! I can hear booming going off and guns. I can feel heavy loads of people.
I smell rats and mice. I see lots of guns and people and dead people.


The Donkey
I see guns. I have heavy people on me.
I smell smoke and hear guns booming.


The Donkey
 Boom! Boom! I can hear the big bombs going up in the air. When I keep waking I can see lots of people lying on the ground.
I am really scared. It does really smell like bombs.


 The Donkey
Boom, boom, boom! I can hear cannons, they hurt my ears. I can see people shooting guns.
I can smell the cannons. I feel soldiers on my back.


The Donkey
Boom went their guns.
I smell blood.
People are shooting people.

Josh S

 The Donkey
Bang the gun man lets off the shots. Look it’s a barracks made with mud and sand stone.
I feel rapid wind flowing. It smells like dust and smoke mixed together with polluted air.


The Donkey
Boom, bang, crash! I smell smoke. I see guns pointed at the enemy and bullets flying everywhere.
The guns are hurting my ears. I step on the hard, dry ground.

Josh P

The Donkey
I feel scared. I hear guns booming in the sky. I smell gas from the guns.
I see people hurt.

The Donkey
I feel bombs smashing the ground. I see bombs blowing up the sky like fireworks.
I smell dirty rats.
I hear machine guns.

The Donkey
I hear guns it hurts my ears. Bombs are very loud. They hurt my ears it is scary.
I would run away. I see bullets I was scared.

The Donkey
Boom goes the guns. I bet it hurts the donkeys ears.
I feel the guns.
It would be hopeless being in the war.

The Donkey
Boom!   The guns are so loud they hurt my ears. Boom, boom 5 bombs went out of the sky.
The cannons fired. I felt sad.

The Donkey
Boom, boom went the guns. Boom went the bullets.
It hurts my ears, and the bullets are very loud.

The Donkey
He hears guns shooting.
He can see poppies growing in the fields.
He can smell gun powder.

The Donkey
Boom! I serve in the war. I can’t hear myself think. I see cannons go boom.
I see fire all around the ground. I smell the smoke coming out of the gas.

The Donkey
Boom! The guns are so loud they hurt my ears.  I feel the squishy mud on my hooves. I see guns that go boom.
The smell of the smoke is disgusting.

The Donkey
I feel excited. I will see people. I can smell smoke.
I can hear bullets.

The Donkey
Boom! The guns are so loud that they hurt my ears. It feels hot.
I can smell smoke yuk. I can see smoke.

The Donkey
I feel sad because the people are being killed. I see and smell smoke everywhere.

The Donkey
The donkey heard lots of bombs. He felt scared.
He sees lots of smoke.

The Donkey
Boom, boom! The injured people sit on the donkey. He takes them back to the tents.
The smoke from the guns stinks.


We also had the muscian Bob Bickerton at school this week.

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