Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Monkey Island trip

Yesterday we went to Monkey Island as the end of our unit on Summer Safety. We found lots of interesting creatures in the rock pools including limpets, cats eyes, chitons, starfish, sea anemones, crabs, fish, barnacles.
We all climbed over the island to look at the pools on the other side of the island.
After lunch we made amazing sand creations demonstrating keeping sun smart.
A big thank you to all those wonderful parents who helped us on our trip.

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Road Safety

As part of our Summer Safety unit Constable Marty came to school and talked about keeping safe crossing the road. He also spoke about bike and scooter safety. He told us about 2,4,1 wearing a helmet. Ask a child what this means.
Here we are crossing the road safely.

Learning about bike safety.

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Today we looked at this!

We had a set of heart and lungs from a sheep, and we saw how the lungs inflate when air goes into them. They were very interesting to watch.

We have been writing cool sun smart messages today. Here we are at  our tables thinking about what  our characters will say in their speech bubbles.

These are our finished characters.

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Underwater stories

These are our amazing underwater stories Room 2 wrote this week.
Underwater  Adventure
I think Harold saw a blob fish, and I think he said “Yuck, I wonder what sort of fish he eats?” I think the blob fish Harold saw was cheeky.
Next he saw a blue cod and tried to bite him. “Ouch!” I said “you cheeky blue cod.” Dan said to leave it, so I did. We followed it to its nest.
“Go. Go a hammerhead shark is coming this way!”

By Josh P

Underwater Adventure
I saw diver Dan get chases by a shark. He tried biting his leg off. He grabbed a raised bream and the baracuda bit his leg off. He screamed his head off because it hurt, and he flew out of the water.

By Jack

An adventure with fish
Fish I see fish, a jellyfish and a blue cod. There are whales playing and stingrays hiding in logs. Rainbow trout are swimming and goldfish are hiding in plants.
There is a starfish lying on the bottom of the sea. There are killer whales looking for fish.
I can see an enormous dolphin. There are trout playing with rainbow trout, they are playing tag.
I can see clams and sailfish. A puffer fish came my way and spoke to me!
By Ella

Underwater Adventure
This is a big stingray underwater with Dan the diver and Harold. They saw an octopus underwater. He saw lots of fish.
I got a tank on my back it was ticklish and it was fun. I saw a shark underwater. Harold was talking to a fish underwater. I laughed my head off. Then I saw a sword fish, it had a long nose and sharp teeth.
By Misha

Underwater Adventure
The trout is swimming in the sea to find a hollow log.  There is no hollow log in the sea.
 An electric eel is coming for me, but it is actually going for the trout  not me. I didn’t know that. It has very sharp teeth. There was a great white shark and an electric eel. It struck the shark dead because it electrocuted him.
 By Xavier

Underwater Adventure
I saw a blue cod and a whale and a shark. The shark had sharp teeth. The blue cod was slimy and the whale was huge.
The shark tried to eat me. The whale’s tail is fat it made a humongous wave and flooded the b each. The blue cod looked tasty so I tried to catch it. I caught the blue cod and it bit me. I thought I was bleeding but the blue cod’s tooth fell out. Then the shark came back and it bit my arm off. I screamed my head off.
I ate the blue cod for tea. I went diving again and I saw the whale again.
By Ollie

Underwater Adventure
I think that Dan the diver is very clever. He had an oxygen tank on his back. He goes in the sea lots. I bet he sees lots of interesting sea animals.
I wonder if he got stung by a stingray?   I hope he didn’t get stung because it hurts.
He saw a shark and the shark bit him, his leg is floating in the water.
There was a stingray he swam away to safety.
By Hayden

Underwater Adventure
I saw a whale, an electric eel and a jellyfish. They are pink. The electric eel got electrocuted, so did I.
I  saw a big blue whale, the biggest whale in the world. The electric eel was really long and amazing, I went past it. I saw heaps of fish.
 By Chloe

Underwater Adventure
I saw a big blue whale he is squirting water. I got a wee bit wet. I saw something come my way, it was a stingray!   Aarh! I  wam fast. I saw a bundle of fish. They were all sorts of fish. A shark came my way, it’s a good shark. We played with him and his brother. We played ring a ring a Rosie, then I had to go away.
On the way back I saw a stingray. It went straight past me. It flipped its wings like a bird.
 By Hannah

Underwater Adventure
Last weekend Harold drove to see his friend Dan the diver.  Harold saw an electric eel. He saw a dolphin that jumped up and down. The dolphin sprayed a gigantic spray of water. As well, a snapper nearly cut me on the head, ow!
The snapper cut me on the leg. That snapper is a very naughty snapper, I think I need to get away from him. Goodbye snapper.
I got away from the snapper. “Oh no.” The snapper is coming back. I need to swim away fast again. It has nearly got me.  It has got me!
By Georgia
Underwater Adventure
Fish, fish, fish swim in the sea. The snapper lives mostly in Fiordland but sometimes they live in different places. The Fiordland eel can swim quite fast when it is camouflaged.  They get away from their prey because they can’t see them.
Most seals are very camouflaged because  yellowy light brown or grey brown.
Swish, swish, zoom as fast as you can. Swish, swish, zoom. The Fiordland eel is light brown and wiggly. It is as slimy as seaweed. It is very, very long. We can get bitten, swim as fast as you can!  It is coming to get us. Go, go faster quick!
It is very quiet in the fish museum but the good thing is that there are lots of fish.
By Maki

Underwater Adventure
The fish and the shark are chasing the mother killer whale. The fish and the shark are friendly.
I saw a group of fish and I thought it was a shark.
By Charlie

Underwater Adventure
Harold saw a fish. It was moving up and down. I saw a shark they have really sharp teeth. They are cool fish.
I saw a dolphin it was moving sideways. I saw a whale it was deep under the water. It squirted water at me in the boat.
By Addy

Underwater Adventure
There is a big stingray I saw it and a marlin. Harold saw a king fish too. Dan the diver saw a shark it had fins too.
The Orca was hunting for fish. The Orca whale is following king fish and marlin too. It got one of each. It can see Harold but I have a spear. We have an oxygen tank and goggles. We  caught fish and a shark.
We swam to an island. We saw a shark. That was fun. Harold screamed his head off.
B y Josh S

Underwater Adventure
The shark is looking for its prey.   The octopus has got a person. The octopus has a hat.
The fish are spiky. The shark is charging at me. I swim away. The Orca is getting the octopus. It is huge.
I saw a stingray, it is like a bat.  I got eaten by a shark. The goblin shark came to see me and it bit me. Oww.
I saw a puffer fish too.
By Hunter

Underwater Adventure
I saw some jellyfish and I swam through them. I wore a big oxygen tank, it helps me breathe.
The jellyfish can sting you. I saw a shark with big sharp teeth. If you are bleeding in the sea  a shark can smell you and try to eat you.
Jellyfish can be pink and blue.  I wore a wetsuit and flippers and goggles  and a big oxygen tank.  Fish have gills to help them breathe under water. Oxygen tanks are heavy.
I saw a killer whale chasing a scaly fish. I saw a dolphin jumping and playing with his friends in the sea. I saw an octopus with eight legs and it was eating fish.
A starfish was sticking to a rock. I saw a flapping stingray with a huge long tail. I also saw an electric eel it went right past me and didn’t sting me.
I saw a goldfish it was swimming really fast and it shone like the warm sun. I saw a seal it was eating some fish and chasing his friend away so they wouldn’t eat its food.
A big blue whale was squirting water out of its spout. I can see a shellfish on a shiny rock. Wow I can see a puffer fish coming to say hello to me. Hello Mr blue cod you are very shiny.
By Grace
Underwater Adventure
The shark was in the fish tank. Then diver Dan dived into the fish Tank. There was a stingray in the tank. It flapped its flippers like a bird.
I saw an electric eel with razor sharp teeth. A big blue whale had razor sharp teeth too. There were two baby  sharks they could bite off my arm!                     
Then I went past a killer whale. When I saw the electric eel I was hiding    behind a rock. I saw a moray eel too.
By William

Underwater Adventure
Harold went under the water. He saw a stingray and a dolphin. He saw a fish and an eel  and a shark.
He saw an Orca chasing the boat. He is playing with his friends.   The Orca was chasing diver Dan.
By Millia

Underwater Adventure
The stingray is flapping its wings. A fish came.
The dolphins are jumping out of the water. They jump back in.
By Taliyah

Underwater Adventure
I saw an orca looking for food to eat.  It looked hungry.  Really really hungry.
I saw a fish. The orca whale went to get the fish. The fish died. The shark ate the orca.
By Greer

Underwater Adventure
Dan the diver in. He saw an electric eel  and a trout. Swoosh he saw a giant piranha. Swoosh swoosh the piranha s cared Dan the diver.
He swam as fast as he could. A camouflaged puffer fish is hiding on the piranha. The piranha got  him and ate him.
By Daniel

Underwater Adventure
Look there are fish, but not any fish. Special fish in the deep sea. They are dangerous and harmful. Never go to close to them or….. snap!
Look at that piranha and whale.  The whales aren’t  harmful  unless they are killer whales. They kill penguins. The green shark is the most dangerous shark. The sand tiger shark  looks fearsome. Some fish blend in with the mossy stones under water. They can hide from predators with their camo skin.
Some fish have gills but dolphins don’t and whales.  Blue cod are endangered because of over fishing them and shipping them to stores and markets.
Now look it’s an orca. Look at the ship wreck of the Titanic. Look it’s the captain’s hat. I can see an enormous massive ship. Let’s go now. We have discovered further. Did you know? A little fish can go up to about 30 miles an hour.
There is an extinct shark called a macarin shark. It lived 24000 years ago. It was the most fearsome shark but the great white survived and was claimed the most dangerous shark. Look it’s the diver. “Hi Dan let’s go diving.”  Look   it’s a salmon they are yum when they are smoked. There used to be dinosaurs they swam fast and they ate other fish but they are all gone. They were called goblin fish.
By Sage

Underwater Adventure
I went under water and I saw a dolphin and a shark and an eel. Dan the diver had a wet suit, flippers and an air tank on. Dan the diver had yellow flippers on and a black wetsuit and a big heavy air tank. The oxygen tank was a brown colour.
The shark had really sharp teeth. Then straight away I saw a snapper. Ahh! Swim. Then I saw another shark it was a goblin shark ahh!   Swim as fast as you can.
If I can’t I’ll kick the goblin shark way back to land. Then I saw a killer whale. I thought it was asleep. I crept past then it woke up ahhh!  Swim, swim, swim as fast as I can or fight it. Then I kicked the goblin shark and it was just Dan the diver.
By Morgan 

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Underwater pictures and stories

We have written the most  incredible underwater stories and painted water backgrounds to stick pictures on to go with these stories.
Come in to our room to read these stories.