Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Young Innovators final design

These are our final inventions after going through the technological process for many weeks. We have changed, modified, made our models and trialled them this term
Everyone was challenged during this process but we enjoyed sharing our inventions with everyone today.
We would like to redesign it because it is too small, and the marble run will block.
Josh, William, Hayden.

Our mini golf course worked because the ball goes round the loop, into the tunnel and then into the hole.
Kaira and Greer
Our robot holder worked because it stands by itself, it can hold rulers, glue sticks, pens and pencils.
Millia and Chloe

Our sparkly red dress worked because it can hold food in the pockets.It was hard getting it on Misha.
Charlie, Misha, Georgia.

Our boat will work because there are floats on the side.It will move if you put soda water and baking soda inside it and shake it.
Ollie and Chris
This dinosaur can scare people and also be a fan.It was hard to put on the teeth.
AJ and Hunter
This boat can lift up things out of the water and rescue people. It is hard to make a crane.
This is a 3D toy,you push a button and the paper pops out from the heart.
Our mini golf course worked because you could hit the ball between the two walls.
Ella and Cody
My boat worked because I used a bottle. It moves by twisting the plastic motor using a rubber band.
My boat worked because it was made from plastic. It can hold cars to cross the river.
Our windmill worked because the sails went around.
Grace and Hannah

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Kiwi Ranger

Yesterday Hannah a DOC ranger came and spoke about her job as a Kiwi ranger. Recently some kiwi from Centre Island have been released on to Pomona Island which is predator free.
Hannah showed us how the transmitter works to track the kiwi which are banded. She also showed us the skull of the kiwi. It certainly does have an extremely long beak.

Grace bought her toy kiwi to school today so we could  listen to the kiwi call.

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Tower challenge

The challenge was set. You have to get into a group of 4, you can use newspaper and cello tape. Build the tallest tower. No scissors.