Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Another busy week. Swimming is going so well with all the children making great progress. Every day we can see improvements in their kicking and breathing skills.
Today's swimming looked like this.

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  1. Hello, Room 2! I have been looking at the pictures on your blog. I liked the swimming pictures and I like the picture of the bat. But I especially like the picture of all of you on the playground in the sunshine. I live in Grand Forks, North Dakota and it is very cold here with lots of snow on the ground. I wonder, why it is winter in Grand Forks while it is summer in Te Anau? I am reading your blog because my two grandsons recently moved from Grand Forks to Te Anau. One of them is in Room 11 and one of them is in Room 2. Do you know who that is? I hope you have a great time at school this year. I will keep reading your blog.

    Grandpa Mark